What is Love?


OMADAMO™ is the name of the symbol and theory of love created by Lewis E. Farsedakis. The theory explains love and all of its manifestations as well as provides a simple tool that provides a snapshot of your love relationship, by calculating its Love Quotient™.

  • The name OMADAMO originates from the word "ADAMO" which in Latin means, "to fall in love with/find pleasure in", which is directly relevant to the theory
  • The letters "OM" were added in the beginning of the word to make OMADAMO a palindrome (a word that reads same forwards or backwards) to symbolize the -35 to +35 Love Quotient scale outlined in the theory.
  • The seven letters in OMADAMO symbolize the seven ingredients of love.
  • The "O" in the beginning and the end of the word represent the OMADAMO symbol.
  • The symbol center stone is a Garnet stone, which is known as the stone of love & devotion.

You will get to know OMADAMO by taking a journey to understand the ingredients of love, continuously working on them and developing the insight to differentiate reality from fantasy. Once internalized, you will be able to understand why "It is better than love...it is OMADAMO."